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Dena Samaneh Company

Dena samaneh Co. was established in 1999 with the vision of 'knowledge based leadership of poultry equipment industry and providing specific products and services from the most prestigious global brands in Iran', and in this regard, we promoted the new technology and we also provided new methods of improved management of the poultry industry in the country. Dena Samaneh Co. supports thee demands of the poultry industry and customers, and uses all infrastructural technologies and engineering procedures to provide customers the best quality with optimal use of possibilities. We also follow world standards and targeted permanent education of the customers so Dena Samaneh Co. played a great role in economic growth in this industry. Dena Samaneh Co. with its specialist and experienced engineering team monitors all the poultry project processes full time and with great accuracy which can lead to the customer's full satisfaction in the project final results. We are proud to participate in your success.