Air conditioner on incubator

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Air conditioner on incubator
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There are various types of incubator (incubator) in the market, some of which are expensive and automatic, and their walls are made of insulating materials, and other types are cheap and you need to do things every day to keep your chick production Give a profit Do not buy an incubator just for its price. Incubators have different types that differ in terms of the number of eggs they can contain. Small cars are more suitable for suburban conditions, but first you need to know how many chickens you can keep. There are in fact four types of incubators: air-operated cars with manual or automatic rotation and ventilated cars with manual or automatic rotation.

Hatching machines with dwelling air

Originally, this device is very simple and includes a box in which a lamp is used to control its internal temperature, while the newer ones have a thermostat that switches off or on depending on the temperature inside the device. Some of these devices have an automatic spin system, although rarely use this system in static air caverns. This device is in the right price and, to be honest, its results are downhill and downright unless one uses it and gradually finds out its trick.

Frozen incubator

Such devices are more expensive but have a much better result. Temperature and humidity in these devices are automatically controlled and maintained at a constant level. In addition, the mechanism for rotating eggs is far better.

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