Effective Nutrition in Egg Chicken

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Effective Nutrition in Egg Chicken
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The lack of nutritional factors reduces the amount of sperm and thus reduces the fertility of eggs. Of course, these factors are almost the same for other poultry and differ only in the required amount.


Vitamin A:

The deficiency of vitamin A in the ration of the broiler breeder makes the circulatory system not properly formed, and fetal deaths occur on the second and third days in the incubation system, and vitamin A deficiency reduces the production and chicks. The required amount At the time of production (23-60 watts), 15500 international units are open.

Vitamin D3:

The deficiency of this vitamin reduces the production and chicks and egg shell disorders, such as shell softness, and its fragility and thinness. Its required amount at the time of production is 3800 units per kilo.

Vitamin E:

Its long deficiency leads to the loss of testicles and consequently to the infertility of the males and to the reduction of hatchery. Its required level of production is 30 international units.

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin):

The shortage of fetal mortality on 9-14 days is caused by incubation

Pantothenic acid:

The shortage of pantothenic acid reduces egg chicken in the incubation system. The required amount in the ration is 10 mg and in other rations is 15 mg per kilo.

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