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Introduction of Dena Samaneh Company

Dena Samaneh Research Company has started its activities in 1999 with a combination of specialists in poultry farms and hatcheries.Dena Samaneh Research Company has started its activities in 1999 with a combination of specialists in poultry farms and hatcheries.
This company is one of the pioneers of automation in chicken factories and poultry farms in the country, which has been active for about two decades in the field of manufacturing and supplying quality equipment and systems.
Together with its fully durable and durable equipment, Dena Samaneh is involved in designing, consulting, and engineering in conjunction with you, in the field of design, consulting and engineering, to complete projects and provide services.
Dena Sameneh Company is the first contracting party with Iran’s meat broiler union, which has implemented more than 100 projects in the field of meat poultry optimization since 1390.

In 1999, Dena Samsane Company started with the vision of knowledge management based on Iran’s poultry equipment industry in providing products and services from the most reputable brands in the world. In this regard, in promoting the technology of the day and offering new methods for advanced management of poultry industry Country, we have been active. Dhasmatic, in line with the needs of today’s poultry industry and customers, utilizes all the up-to-date technologies and engineering trends to provide the best quality with optimal use of facilities, adherence to world standards, and targeted and continuous customer education. The result in economic growth also plays an important role in this industry. Through the use of specialized and experienced engineers in all areas of the poultry industry, dan- astanally, with full-time and accurate care, it monitors the progress of the projects as well as their quality and efficiency in order to ensure that the customers are fully satisfied with the final results of the projects. Our pride is to contribute to your success.
- Seyyed Mehdi Eslami - Managing Director of Dena Samaneh

  • Docking plate and chainsaw
  • Silo and Transmission Line
  • Eggshell automatic collecting eggs
  • Laying and broiler chicken automatic cage
  • Egg packing and grading system
  • Chicken Meat Packing System
  • Automatic slaughterhouse system
  • Segmentation system
  • Hatching machines


  • Poultry climate control system
  • Bird Automatic Weighing System
  • Weighing and Automatic Distribution System
  • Weighing and Automatic Distribution System
  • Heating and cooling system
  • Air input windows
  • Sucker and blower ventilators
  • Fans
  • Nipple Drink

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