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Maize is considered as a standard in comparison with other grains of cereal and other food ingredients. In many poultry rations, most of the metabolizable energy is supplied by corn. Worldwide maize production is around 600 million tonnes, with 240 million tonnes produced in the United States. China with production of about 100 million tons

The lack of nutritional factors reduces the amount of sperm and thus reduces the fertility of eggs. Of course, these factors are almost the same for other poultry and differ only in the required amount. vitamins Vitamin A: The deficiency of vitamin A in the ration of the broiler breeder makes the circulatory system not

There are various types of incubator (incubator) in the market, some of which are expensive and automatic, and their walls are made of insulating materials, and other types are cheap and you need to do things every day to keep your chick production Give a profit Do not buy an incubator just for its price.